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Cake Box

Product Range

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Milkboard Boxes

Elegantly simple, our cake boxes are perfect for bakeries, cake shops, takeaway stalls, catering companies and more.



Product Code Description      Packet size
M4x4x3 4x4x3 Cake Boxes 100
M6x6x3 6x6x3 Cake Boxes 100
M6x6x4 6x6x4 Cake Boxes 100
M7x7x4 7x7x4 Cake Boxes 100
M8x8x2.5 8x8x2.5 Cake Boxes 100
M8x8x4 8x8x4 Cake Boxes 100
M9x9x2.5 9x9x2.5 Cake Boxes            100
M9x9x4 9x9x4 Cake Boxes 100
M10x10x2.5 10x10x2.5 Cake Boxes 100
M10x10x4 10x10x4 Cake Boxes 100
M11x11x4 11x11x4 Cake Boxes 100
M12x12x2.5 12x12x2.5 Cake Boxes 100
M12x12x4 12x12x4 Cake Boxes 100
M13x13x4 13x13x4 Cake Boxes 100

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